The words of the board of directors of Shahrokhi Industrial Group

Ahmad Shahrokhi / the founder of the air regulation registers industry in Iran

Greetings and courtesy to all my friends and loved ones who have always supported and encouraged me during my 50 years in this industry. Now, in the middle of the seventh decade of our life, thanks to the grace of God and the support of my friends and the perseverance of my children, we have succeeded in continuing our journey and striving towards progress and raising production and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ahmad Shahrokhi

With great effort, I succeeded in making the country independent in the field of these products at a time in the country’s history when the smallest necessities were imported from foreign countries.

Another honor of mine is trying to educate people in order to expand this industry, which was contrary to the usual routine by tirelessly providing information to others, which caused some relatives, fellow citizens and friends to establish numerous workshops in this field. which makes me proud and the relations of this factory with these colleagues have always been friendly; But some unwise and ungrateful people tried to use the fame and popularity of this factory and in addition to all my initial support for them in the direction of technical independence and establishment of the workshop, they faked the title and simulated the name of their workshop with this factory and using similarity Nominally and in some cases even brazenly, they have introduced themselves as affiliated with this factory.

I am Ahmad Shahrokhi While expressing disgust with these people and requesting their correction and guidance from God, I would like to draw the attention of dear engineers and those involved in this industry to the fact that Shahrokhi Industrial Factory does not have any agency or branch, and similarity in name is a proof of similarity in quality. Is not. Therefore, if you are caught in the trap of these profit-seeking people and suffer losses as a result of the lack of quality, this factory is not responsible.

Considering the mentioned complaints, please pay attention to the logo of this factory, the registration number and the phone number of this factory +98217312 when contacting this factory or viewing the sent samples.

Happy days / Ahmad Shahrokhi

Shahin Shahrokhi / Management

Shahin Shahrokhi / management

The industry in our country has always been a more or less incomplete perception of the achievements of advanced industrial countries, which has grown unbalanced without paying attention to technical points and subtleties.

This problem has always plagued the country’s industry and there has been a feeling of deficiency in this matter. The industrial developments that started in Iran in the current century were always a loser in the competition with the world markets due to the lack of this scientific support.

Fortunately, due to the economic developments and the integration of the global market, the desire to develop the industry infrastructure in the country has increased, and in all industries, there is a need to do precise work and engineering. After half a century since its birth, Shahrokhi Industrial Factory can be said to have been continuously present in all the ups and downs of Iran’s industry and has felt the problems and shortcomings in the facilities industry.

We consider your criticisms and guidance as a blessing in our progress.

Shahin Shahrokhi

Parviz Shahrokhi / Management

Hi: Since it is the customer’s point of contact in the production cycle and considering that product quality is one aspect of this issue, the efforts of the technical personnel of this factory have been summarized in two parts.

First, trying to improve the quality of manufactured goods, which is a relative effort, which has a long way to go considering the significant progress made in the past.

Second, try to increase the variety of products, which this part tries to produce new products with new functions in the framework of the research and development department of the factory by searching in new catalogs and searching on the websites of reputable international manufacturers.

But we know with all our strength that the best and biggest guide is your dear consumers, after you are the main assets of this factory, we ask for guidance and help in improving the quality and supply of new products, and we ask for forgiveness in case of shortcomings.

Parviz Shahrokhi

Parviz Shahrokhi
احمد شاهرخی

Ahmad Shahrokhi

Founder of Shahrokhi Industrial Group
شاهین شاهرخی مدیریت

Shahin Shahrokhi

Management of Shahrokhi Industrial Group
پرويز شاهرخی

Parviz Shahrokhi

Management of Shahrokhi Industrial Group
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