Ahmad Shahrokhi

Ahmad Shahrokhi was born in 1311 A.H. and in 1329 he started working at Shole Khavar Company. At that time, Iran’s industry was nascent and most of the industrial parts and equipment were procured from foreign countries, and Sholekhavar company, which was active in the field of facilities industry, was no exception to this rule and imported the air regulation register needed for its projects from the American T&B company.

In 1330, an order from T&B Company was sent to Sholekhavar Company by ship, which caught fire on the way and caused the company to have problems in terms of its commitments. After that, Ahmad Shahrokhi, with the financial support of the company’s officials, started sampling and making air registers from foreign models and was able to launch the production line of air regulating register within six months.

From that time to today, more than half a century has passed and Shahrokhi Industrial Factory has increased its quantitative and qualitative development every day, and it is hoped that we will be able to take a small step towards the country’s industrial independence.

Introduction of Ahmad Shahrokhi
Ahmad Shahrokhi, the founder of Shahrokhi Industrial Group
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