Gravity Shutting Damper

  • Persian: دمپر وزنی
  • English: Gravity Shutting Damper
  • It is used for installation on the walls of diesel generator sheds or on exhaust or heat fans, and it is closed by gravity and created by pressure and returned by the fan, and it is made in one-way flange and two-way flange types.

Gravity Shutting Damper APPLICATION

Shahrokhi gravity shutter dampers are used for remain constant level of air pressure such as painting rooms , diesel generator rooms , industrial kitchens , industrial air conditioning and etc.


Shahrokhi gravity shutter dampers have multi parallel blades with a linkage mechanism which automatically open when increase air pressure and close by the gravity of blades.

Special rubber are used to eliminate sound when closing the blades.

The brass or nylon bush are fixed to frame to easily open and close the blades.

Either is possible to supplied these gravity shutter dampers with galvanized 10mm. x 10mm. mesh bird screen , aluminum washable air filter and ducted dampers as optional.


دمپر وزنی
Gravity Shutting Damper


High quality 0.8mm. thickness extruded aluminum profile in material aluminum anodized finish for frame and blades.

White polyester liquid or powder coating finish is also available or any other specified color with Raul code up on requirement.


Shahrokhi gravity shutter dampers are specified with following ordering code.


SH : Shahrokhi manufacture

LOU : Louver

GSH : Gravity shutter damper

W x H : Width (inch) x Height (inch)



جدول محاسبات دمپرهای وزنی
Calculation table of Gravity Shutting Damper


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