International Facilities Exhibition 2022

International Facilities Exhibition – Hall 40 – October 2022

Tehran IRAN HVAC&R international exhibition of cooling and heating facilities and systems was held annually with the presence of a large number of domestic and international industrial companies.

Shahrokhi Industrial Group welcomed the esteemed visitors of the International Facilities Exhibition located in Hall 40 of Tehran International Exhibitions on October 2022.

As every year, Shahrokhi company is proud to host the enthusiasts and owners of this industry in the biggest event of the country’s facilities industry in the international exhibition.

Shahrokhi booth in 1401 facilities exhibition

Shahrokhi Bamanand Industrial Group was the largest and first company in the industry of valves and facilities in the international facilities exhibition every year.

The purpose of participating in the facilities exhibition was continuous presence, showing the latest products and achievements and achieving organizational goals.

In this exhibition, Shahrokhi Industrial Group was proud to host many visitors and guests, including the Vice President of Industries and Management of Nemanegar Company.

In the continuation of this post, you will see a photo of Shahrokhi Industrial Group’s presence in the international exhibition of the facilities industry:

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