Manual Damper

  • Persian: دمپر کانالی دستی
  • English: Manual Damper
  • used for adjust the air flow rate or close the duct path if necessary.


Shahrokhi ducted dampers are used for adjust the air flow rate or close the duct path  if necessary.

These dampers apply in round or square ducts.


Shahrokhi ducted dampers open , close or adjust by rotate a number of blades with a common linkage mechanism in square type and by rotate a lever with a handle or an electrical motor in round type.


دمپر کانالی دستی
Manual Damper
دمپر کانالی دستی
Manual Damper

The blades of square ducted dampers are constructed in two types of parallel and opposite.

دمپر کانالی دستی
Manual Damper

To easily open or close the blades a brass bush with a grease reservoir located in join the frame.

Either is possible to use aluminum washable air filter with different thicknesses behind the ducted dampers as optional.


High quality 1.5mm. thickness iron galvanized or aluminum sheet for frames and blades.

Either can be used 1.5mm. thickness extruded aluminum profile in material aluminum anodized finish for square ducted dampers.


Shahrokhi ducted dampers are specified with following ordering code.


SH : Shahrokhi manufacture

DDA : Ducted damper

T : type : SQO : Opposite square type

SQP : Parallel square type

ROU : Round type

W x H: Width (inch) x Height (inch) or diameter (inch)



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