Components of VAV boxes

VAV boxes

The role and importance of VAV BOX in air conditioning systems:

Components of VAV boxes

Ventilation includes a significant part of building costs. The research conducted in developed countries shows that about 60 to 70 percent of the energy consumption of buildings is spent on ventilation and air exchange of the building with the outside environment.

Therefore, the most suitable ways to optimize the energy consumption of buildings is the use of modern ventilation systems, including the use of VAV systems.

These systems make each room have the amount of ventilation air it needs.

Reducing the volume of air entering each room and ventilation as needed to cool or heat the air will reduce the volume of air coming out of the devices, and as a result, the cost of ventilation and energy consumption will be significantly reduced.

In addition to reducing costs, it is possible to set the desired temperature in each room.

Researches and studies show a direct relationship between the optimal temperature of the workplace and the optimal performance of employees, and VAV systems significantly help to create these favorable conditions.

Components of VAV boxes

VAV box fans include the following parts:

  1. Fresh air intake damper from the air conditioner: This damper consists of a VAV box that brings fresh air from the air conditioner into the box as needed.
  2. Fan: It includes one or two fans, which are selected and designed according to the principles of construction and working conditions, according to the pressure, flow and sound of the fan.
  3. Control circuits: It includes all control circuits including transformers, relays, etc.
  4. The place of air intake from the room: This place is intended for the suction of room air, according to the need at any time, so that the total volume of air intake from the air conditioner and the volume of air intake from the room is always constant.
  5. Box inspection valve: This valve is used to inspect all parts including fan, VAV box and control connections.
  6. Air outlet: Some of the additional options such as electric heater and channel silencer can be installed in this place.

اجزای VAV باکس فن ها

How the vav box works

In places with a large air volume and relatively high altitude, VAV box fans help to optimize energy consumption by transferring hot air from the top to the bottom. Of course, if necessary, you can also use a supplementary heating coil.

An increase in the amount of CO2 in any space causes fatigue and dullness. This issue is compensated by the entry of fresh air into the environment by the VAV box. There are different methods for bringing in fresh air as well as heating and cooling the environment in parallel. One of the best options to optimize energy consumption is the use of VAV boxes, which are part of the VAV box fans.

An important point in the construction of these devices is the use of mechanical and electrical parts that have been used by Shahrokhi Industrial Group for many years with complete satisfaction. For example, in making all kinds of air curtains, etc.

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