Square Grille Dampers

  • Persian: دمپر موازی دریچه های چهار گوش
  • English: square grille dampers
  • These dampers are used as On, Off, and are produced in types of screwdrivers, volume and lever, and are made of galvanized material or aluminum sheet.

Square Grille Dampers


Shahrokhi square valve dampers are used to adjust the air flow rate or, if necessary, to cut it off completely.

The blades of these dampers are made in two types: parallel and 7-8. The levers used to adjust the parallel blades can be made in three types: sliding, switch and key.

 It is possible to connect these levers to an electric switch or a remote-control system in places where there is a long wall or an inaccessible facing channel, such as amphitheater halls, cinemas, etc.

It is also possible to set the ambient temperature as desired by an electronic thermostat that is placed on the steering wheel.



In type 7-8, the movement is transmitted by the rotation of a special screw.

 In the sliding type, the lever is placed in the middle of the frame, and its type of movement is horizontal.

In the switch type, the lever is placed in the corner of the damper frame, and the transmission type is rotary.

 In the key type, the lever is placed on the valve frame, and its movement transmission type is vertical.



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