Best location for air registers

In the air conditioning system, a mistake in placing the air registers and not choosing the most suitable place to install the registers can cause many problems. problems such as energy loss, increasing energy costs, limiting the capacity of the ventilation system and many other things.

In this article, we are going to examine the most appropriate place to install air register and air return valves in the HVAC system and the problems related to not paying attention to these items.

Installation location of the air return register in the ventilation system

The presence of both air return and return valves in close proximity causes a competition for air supply and return. In this case, due to their proximity to each other, it leads to a short circuit between the two airs. For example, the register that directs the cold air into the room, if it is above the entrance door and the air return register is adjacent to it and lower, it causes the cold air to enter the room directly to the bottom of the room and the air return air register. to be transferred In this case, the air goes out quickly instead of circulating in the room.

HVAC experts call this air movement short-circuiting: supply air returns directly to the return duct instead of mixing with air in the cooled or heated space.

Poorly located vents and return air ducts like this can severely reduce the effectiveness of a cooling system and increase operating costs.


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The location of the hot or cold air return air register in the basement and engine rooms

Placing the air register on the bottom of the door in basements and engine rooms is very common. This increases the operating costs of the heating or cooling system. In addition, the incorrect position of the valves in these places entails potential risks, including the risks of carbon monoxide emission.

Carbon Monoxide Hazards: Return air registers too close to oil or gas equipment may allow combustion gases or carbon monoxide into the air duct system, sending hazardous gases into the living space.

Be careful: You should not normally detect persistent CO in indoor air. Carbon monoxide gas indoors is odorless and colorless and can be deadly. Make sure your building has properly installed and working CO detectors and smoke detectors.


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Installing ducts and heating or cooling systems on exterior walls

Heating or cooling return air duct systems that place the return air register in the exterior walls of the building may have poor performance.

Some engineers believe that efficient and cost-effective design and proper selection of valves on internal walls is more suitable and standard.

These were examples of improper use of register in inappropriate places that we discussed. The placement and selection of the most suitable valve is a matter that requires careful expertise. Shahrokhi Industrial Group, the first and largest manufacturer of air control air register in Iran, can help you in this matter. Contact our experts now for advice and expertise.

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