Clean room filters and register

Clean room filters and register
Clean room filters and register

Clean room filters and register

The main demand of the clean room industry is proper air conditioning and air quality. Air distribution in these rooms is done through solar vents with filters that are placed in filter holders (filter boxes), and in addition to that, to provide the required air and the number of times the air is changed into the rooms and the air is discharged from the inside. In a clean room, these types of valves are used to obtain the best physical parameters for circulating air..

Filter box

The main key to achieving clean air in clean rooms, such as drug production spaces, operating rooms, etc., is to choose the correct filtration method. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable filter and holder (filter box) that does not leak and does not reject the air flow without passing through the filter. Filter holders have 3 sections. Filter, filter box and air diffuser.

Figures 1 and 2 show a photo of the filter box from the front and back angles, and Figure 3 shows a disassembled filter box.


فیلترباکس شاهرخی
Figure 1- Front view of a sample filter box
فیلترباکس شاهرخی
Figure 2- The back view of a sample filter box
فیلترباکس شاهرخی
Figure 3- The disassembled filter box

Different plans and scenarios are adopted to reach different degrees of cleanliness, but ultimately the main element in each plan is the integration between the final filter and its filter box in the incoming air on the roof of the rooms.

The working process in the sanitary filter box is that at first the incoming air flow becomes completely uniform after passing through the flow equalizer and then it enters the sterile environment through the filter with the ability to absorb particles up to at least 95%. According to the design, the amount of particle absorption is determined by the filter). As a result, the air filter process continues at a very high level. These boxes are used in clean rooms that do not need heating and cooling systems.


Filter boxes can be used for recirculating air on the ceiling and wall.

solar valve

In some classifications of clean rooms, a common conventional method of a proper combination of clean incoming air with unclean air inside the room is used, which is based on the dilution of air in such a system.

In order to have a perfect and diluted mixture in a clean room, the direction and speed of the incoming air flow is very important. The solar valves provide a suitable path for the incoming air at the entry point so that the required speed and direction are created for a perfect mixture.

The use of self-supporting blades, which were prepared by cutting and bending the surface of each valve itself, and creating a system of integration with the body of the valve, are a solution to have excellent air flow into the clean room.

The use of ABS air flow guide, which is produced by plastic injection process and installed on the air register, is a solution to have excellent air flow into the clean room. In addition, another advantage of these valves is the removal of unwanted parts of the existing older model valves, which has made cleaning the solar valves simple and easy.


دریچه خورشیدی شاهرخی

دریچه اتاق عمل

The return air registers are also prepared simply so that by considering the speed on the surface of the valve and making accurate calculations to obtain the number and size of the bean holes on its surface, it is possible to gently move the air through the valves to prevent any noise. In order to keep the sound level inside the room as much as possible, extra is provided.

The size of the boxes and the partitioning conditions of the walls and ceiling in the clean rooms are such that after installation, the final level of the valve parts with the surface of the panels and other tools and accessories will be obtained completely.


Operating room air register

Operation room air registers are designed in two types, square roof and round roof with the ability to distribute air in a point for suitable applications in the air conditioning industry for use in hospital operating rooms or similar places. These valves are used for air intake and exhaust and distribute the air flow evenly. The operating room valves have a punched plate with 13 mm diameter holes that are easily installed on the channel. These valves have the ability to adjust the layers of air without any change in the volume, pressure and volume of the air.

دریچه اتاق عمل

دریچه اتاق عمل

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