shahrokhi air curtain systems

shahrokhi air curtain systems

Today, the optimal use of energy is one of the biggest concerns of industrial societies. The dependence of industry and technology on energy has turned the fear of running out of it into a nightmare for modern humans. This concern has made man to make more efforts in conserving energy and think more about its consumption.

Many cases in various industries, from automobile manufacturing to construction, have been foreseen for this purpose. Air curtain systems have been used in industrialized countries for many years, and fortunately, special attention has been paid to these systems recently in our country.


What is an air curtain?

سیستم پرده هوای شاهرخی

In short, an air curtain is a very high speed air jet that creates a protective air layer.

This layer of air minimizes the transfer of heat, moisture, dust and the entry of insects through open doors. This system creates a kinetic energy in the air, which creates a resistance against the penetration of air and unwanted particles.

This is very useful in high-traffic places that are regularly in contact with the outside environment and saves energy.


Air curtains made by Shahrokhi Industrial Group

Shahrokhi Industrial Group, in addition to having the representation of reputable European companies in the direction of the country’s industrial independence, has started to build these types of systems inspired by foreign examples, these systems are available in two types, industrial and general, in different models and sizes according to the installation location, height and Ambient wind intensity is made. It is hoped that considering the brilliant history of Shahrokhi Industrial Group in the field of facilities, the new products of this unit will attract the satisfaction of respected customers.

پرده هوا

Shahrokhi Industrial Group

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